Our team

Our team

JCP Foods is the initiative of fruit industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in production, packaging and marketing, who come together with the aim of integrating each specialty in order to deliver a product of the highest quality to the various global markets.

Juan Sebastián Moreno

Juan Sebastian Moreno, Farmer, agroindustrial and wine. Vast experience in the production of fresh and frozen berries. One of the pioneers in the production of frozen berries in Chile. Has reached 40 years in the business within a long family tradition in Chilean agriculture.

Cristián Stewart

Cristián Stewart, Civil Industrial Engineer, with over 30 years of working experience, 20 of which as Comfrut's CEO, Director at Chilealimentos, participating in multiple international tours representing national industry. Development of comprehensive business lines from the field to the final consumer.

Pablo Herrera

Pablo Herrera, Agronomist, 19 years working at Comfrut developing frozen fruits area. He positioned the company as a leader in the frozen fruits business, assisting the entire chain from production to sales. Previously he spent 10 years as Sales Vice President. Director for Chilealimentos and has participated in the development of frozen berries industry in Chile.